Dr.Claw Bubba AAAA By Inspector Collective (Nov New Batch)

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Dr.Claw Bubba is our in house death bubba genetics, the THC levels are very high, topping 22% and possibly even 25%. That makes for a lazy, potent body high that reduces stress, sparks hunger, and encourages sleep.  This bud has medium-sized dark forest green nugs with rich purple undertones and a spattering of fiery orange hairs. Each nug is completely covered with dark olive green leaves that are almost furry and have a thick layer of frosty sandy white trichomes


GizmoCrafts Team Review :

Extremely potent, greasy after a few pulls. Clean smoke with a paper white ash, SMOKES VERY SMOOTH PINEY

Strong relaxing high that helps with stress and anxiety, its effects are initially stunning and settle on the body as carefree relaxation and hits hard and fast and stays long-lasting. Spacey and euphoric at first while a calming undertone hums onward for the latter portion. Calming and heavy and best suited for an evening in with minimal plans and lots of snacks.

Flavos : Lemon / Pine / Sweet / Woody







Body High




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  1. G25 (verified owner)

    Was absolutely blown away by this pheno. Saw the hype online and thought it was worth a try, for the price.


    Cracking the jar gave off a sweet/nutty gas aroma. The nuttiness did not translate to smoke. Instead its a sweet kush/almost cotton candy like taste, plus a plethora of gas rocking your senses. left me feeling like a bull with steam fuming outta my nose. Tastes like a pink-death bubba pheno IMO.

    Came super fresh/Sticky/potent

    With a stash full of Unlicensed Producer, Space Bros, Prohibition, poncho, pesci, 6ix, Sacred, Phat….: you get the point. This one found a place among the elites.

    Hats off to Inspector Collective!!

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