El Hefe FSE By Gizmo ( Processed By Kind Selections ) (1g)


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We’ve been wanting to bring you something special, so Gizmocrafts have teamed up with the legendary award-winning cannabis extractors, Kind Selections, to bring you Gizmo FSE.

Our first feature our very own Gizmo Collective “El hefe” produces a full bodied gassy aroma at the moment you crack the Jar.

Dabbing at low temperatures you will experience a sweet jet fuel flavour profile with strong presence of coffee and hints of Lemon.

A Strong and euphoric stone sets in within moments, equally effective at uplifting your spirits or locking yourself to the cough.

Experience the best that Gizmocrafts Has to offer at a price you wont want to miss !


In light of the recent news regarding Gizmo Crafts new El Hefe FSE and on going projects. We like to officially set the record straight. Gizmo Crafts have launched for a good year and our loyal customers has been a massive support to us. Because of the great support we are always trying to create something new and amazing to give back to the community and to our valued customers. Recently we had a great opportunity to create a FSE by Gizmo Crafts and our product was processed by none other than the very well known Kind Selections.

Kind Selections has been wonderful and helpful throughout this project and helped us processed the El Hefe FSE at a decent price. The reason why we are selling the El Hefe FSE at a very reasonable price is because we just wanted to create a great quality product with good value to give back to the community to thank everyone for their love and support.

This may have been mistaking as a collaboration with Gizmo Crafts and Kind Selection which is not the case for the El Hefe FSE but that does not limit or put back the possibility of our collaboration with Kind Selection in the future. To further clarify the Gizmo Crafts FSE was only processed by Kind Selection and it does not pass through the Kind Selections quality standard. It was only processed by the team from Kind Selections.

We also like to take this opportunity to let you guys know that we will have more new products by Gizmo Crafts so stay tuned

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  1. Nathan Leach (verified owner)

    Just got some GC El Hefe FSE processed by Kind Selections. It has a Fuel and Spicy/Citrus taste that gas lovers will enjoy. With nice relaxing effects that are good for chilling. I hope there is more FSE processed by Kind coming to GC!

  2. Yan

    Gizmo FSE by Kind Selection

    This is so delicious and Powerfull
    Awesome quality for the price..

  3. MathGrondin19 (verified owner)

    Ordered last week a 7g and wow this stuff is amazing for the price hope you guys do other collab with kind selections:)
    Give a 10/10

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