Haribo The Smurfs Gummi Candy (4oz) (No Tax)


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We had no idea that Smurfs were so popular, especially in sophisticated Europe. (The Smurfs cartoon aired on U.S. TV in the 1980s and their appeal has continued to as recently as summer 2013, when the movie Smurfs 2 was released.)

Haribo Smurfs are strawberry and raspberry-flavored gummi candies in the shape of familiar Smurf characters, including Papa Smurf and Smurfette. The gummies come in the classic Smurfs blue color, with different characters wearing red, white and yellow caps on their heads. The pieces are big, about an inch and a half tall. Their classic berry flavor and cartoon nostalgia make them hard to pass up.

The Haribo company started making gummi dancing bears back in the 1920s. Hans Riegel began making candy in his kitchen before starting Haribo, which is named for himself and his home town: HA for Hans, RI for Riegel and BO for Bonn, Germany.

Bag Contains: approximately 20 pieces

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