Meat The Cookies ~MTC~ AAAA By Inspector Collective (New Batch March 1st 2021)

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Meat The Cookies ( Inspector Collective )

(Cookies & Cream X Meat Breath)

This phenotype is an indica-dominant hybrid strain in nature, offering users a delightfully balanced high that is suitable for those looking for a solid, well-rounded high. Just upon inspecting the buds, one can easily judge the potency of this strain. Meat Breath is known for having uncommonly high THC concentration percentages, with average levels being around 26-28%. Meat Breath will seduce users with its pleasant and relaxing full-bodied high – tingly, and slightly sedating, combined with a euphoric and uplifting head high, this strain is the ideal all-around flower. Meat Breath is a choice strain for sharing with friends, or for use in social gatherings due to its upbeat and sociable high.

The tight and dense flower structure of this strain is superb, and very eye-pleasing. Long, cone-shaped buds allow plenty of room for THC trichomes to grow. Almost the entirety of the flowers, from the leaves to the stem are covered in a thick blanket of resinous THC. Meat Breath is highly regarded for the equally sweet and earthy essence and flavour the strain emits. A pungent blend of a vanilla, cookie-like sweetness impeccably meshes with hashy, woody and diesel aromas to create a truly unique smoking experience like none other.











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  1. Fluffy Button Kitty Noodle (verified owner)

    Beautiful big colourful orange and green nugs. Breaks up large and has a great nose. Its incredible how this actually has vanilla tones but also meat flavor. Well done on the Terps. This is a straight steal, strong and tasty.

  2. Dominic (verified owner)

    Love those terps!! Awesome buds a bit dry to my liking but the smell and taste are amazing!!!!!!!!

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