Meow #5 AAAA By Sacred Garden Craft Series (14g)


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Meow #5 by Sacred Garden its all time flavor by the users !

Gizmocrafts Team Review:

Genetics: (Raw x PCS1) X [WiFi3 x (Scott’s OG x Casper OG)]

Bag Appeal: Heavy gas scent, a unique potent deep scent of fuel.
Buds have nice dark shades of green and purple with nice orange pistils.
Great cure and very very sticky.

Smoke: The bud itself was very dense, completely covered in trichomes. The smoke on is delicious and quite smooth, Clean burning smooth smoke, one of all time personal favourites

Terp profile smelt amazing almost like sweet candy with a hint of a earthy smell. The bud itself was very dense, completely covered in trichomes.

Potency of this bud would definitely be a 8.5/10.

First spliff of this give a boost of euphoria like never had before, but it also feel very relaxed, felt more like a indica dominant type.


















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  1. LMB Stone (verified owner)

    Pros: beautiful colors and heavy/dense buds, covered in trichomes, very sticky, has a very strong buzz
    Cons: long/useless stems at the end of each bud, straight grey ash, taste roachy mid joint, came with an off brand humidity pack which has very bad reviews on amazon and the authenticity code didnt work.

    Satisfied but not impressed this time by sacred gardens, they can do better

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