Rainbow Driver AAAA By Sacred Garden Craft Series (14g)


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THC: 17%-21%

Rainbow is an evenly-balanced hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Dancehall with Blueberry. The result is a compact, fast flowering strain with little side-branching. Growers who grow Rainbow say it does very well when grown in the “sea-of-green” style. Rainbow presents a wide array of colors towards the end of flowering, hence the moniker. With a spicysweet fruity flavor, Rainbow gives consumers a pleasant, creative high and pain relief without a heavy body sensation. Some say this strain tastes just like a tropical Starburst candy.




















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  1. Fluffy Button Kitty Noodle

    Ive grabbed this so many times. Its amazing, such a funky ass taste. Its unlike anyother. Its sure to get some sort of an emotional reaction as its so pungent and funky. Try it at every change you can, you are sure to be super happy

  2. Bakeapplekush (verified owner)

    I’m all about the gas , but this Rainbow has full ? flavor from start of j to the end . Great high , excellent bag appeal . Honestly can’t get enough of this . Will definitely buy again . Thx gizmo!

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