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Exclusive Cut of Rockstar from Hornby Island !! Super Dense and Gas !

When smoked, the buzz comes on quick, like a warm explosion inside of your chest, radiating outwards, eventually settling to a very pleasant, relaxed and euphoric state. As with any connoisseur quality Kush strain, you can expect a complex and delightful bouquet in the aroma, and flavors that coat your tongue and linger, giving up earthy, spicy and citrus flavors.

In fact, the couch-lock can be so intense for some users that it can cause feelings of paranoia and fear. Because of these relaxing and heavy effects, Rockstar Kush is a favorite strain for treating chronic pain, chronic stress or anxiety, and inflammation.

GizmoCrafts Team Review:

Gassy, Super Dense Nugs ! burn white ash and smokes very smooth down to the last bit of the joint.great production by the sacred garden team












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7G, 14G, 28G

  1. Marc-Olivier Jutras (verified owner)

    So Goood ! I love it i’ve tried many rockstar strain (even pink rockstar) but this on is my favorite so far very well crafted

  2. russ_c84

    Got this in the oz mixer ! Strong high and great gassy taste . This was my favorite from the mixer ! Definitely would recommend and buy again , thanks !! ?☁️

  3. Monty48

    Probably the best cut of rockstar around, it has a classic gas and sweet almost lime kush taste to it with a solid indica high.

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