Trunk Funk AAAA By Inspector Collective

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Trunk Funk the White Tahoe Cookies and Do-Si-Do cross. Trunk Funk brings on the heavy pungent stench with a sour citrus overtone accented by skunky diesel and spicy herbs, intensifying in pungency the more that you toke. The flavor is on the lighter side with a sour yet spicy citrus taste that’s accented by skunky diesel and sweet lemons

Gizmocrafts Team Review:

Super amazing quad ! hard dense dark purple nugs and Potent loaded with crystal trichomes.

The trunk funk THC punch will get your mind floating and the smell can be guessed by the name. Gassy, pine, and earthy. Smokes super smooth fullness taste nutty woody.

Enjoy both mind buzzing and body lazzyness perfect for night time smokes









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7G, 14G, 28G

  1. marleys_dad (verified owner)

    Bag appeal is off the charts . Looks amazing and luckily it smokes just as good as it looks . Clean smoke , sweet , spicy , earthy and gassy. Would definitely buy again!
    V: 9/10
    Q: 9/10

  2. L_SkyWalker (verified owner)

    I got a mixed oz of the craft AAAA. I got this and 3 other strains. This one deffenitly looks the craziest of the three! There’s not much nose off it but you can deffenitly pick out a spicy funky-ness. The 7gs I got of this strain came in a nifty little glass jar and came with medium to small nugs. None were huge but there were nice nugs with a tri-coloured look (purple, green and red hairs). Absolutely caked in crystal but wasn’t very sticky (didn’t leave your fingers gummy busting it up)
    I have a crazy high tolerance from smoking crafts, so it takes alot for me get a buzz going.
    I found I could taste the spicey funk with some kushy undertones at first, but after a few tokes it was hard to taste it. The taste wasn’t over whelming.
    It was pretty smooth smoke, but for how it looked I expected a little better.
    It was clean smoke, white ash.
    As for the high, its good. It does last a while, I find. Im able to function perfectly on this but still feel relaxed and chilled out. I like smoking this in the morning.
    Its a nice little buzz you can feel in the back of your eyes.
    All together its amazing stuff, looks are off the charts, trimmed well, flushed well, it smells good but the nose isn’t overpowering. Its smooth and has a different taste but the taste isnt overwhelming and it could be smoother.
    For 9/10 people they probably wouldn’t notice stuff like that but I smoke a lot of craft cannabis and have been for a long time.
    I always like trying out the new kids on the block to see what they have and im very impressed with GizmoCrafts.
    Presentation is the best I’ve seen so far, shipping was nice and quick (3 days to around kitchener area).
    I would deffenitly recommend this site and this strain to everyone.
    -I am not getting anything from this review, I just enjoy reviewing good strains from good places.

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