About Us

Gizmo Craft is based out of beautiful British Columbia where we are known for our best quality products with our state of the art growing technologies. Our goal is to provide and deliver first-class customer service and give our customer the best experience from our top grade products to the varies strains we have to offer.

Attention to Detail

At Gizmo Craft, we are extremely meticulous with our selections of products to guarantee our customer will receive the best of the best. All products will be checked under our 20x-100x microscope by our specialist to ensure that there are no mold, bud rot, pesticides, mite damages, metals and other contaminants.


We also do smoke test to assure all flowers are up to standards indicates from the burning, the inside of the ash, the pulls when smoke, potency effects, and the terpene profiles.

We care what we bring to the table and the trust is in the burn.

Our staff at Gizmo Craft are professionally trained to ensure the most accurate information provided to our customers. With our vast knowledge we are confident that you will be satisfied with our customer service along with our premium products.

At the end of the day, Gizmo Craft is here to provide a professional service along with discreet packaging and high end quality products. Our vision is to build a platform with our clients, along with our reputable farms that you can trust which has your best interest at heart. If it isn’t good enough for us at Gizmo Craft, it isn’t good enough for our customers.