Good Night Extracts – 3:1 Original Sleep Drops 750MG CBD / 250 MG CBN


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Good Night Extracts 750MG CBD / 250 MG CBN 3:1

If you are looking for a product that puts an emphasis on the promotion of sound sleep, then look no further. Good Night Extracts is a combination of both CBD and CBN at a ratio of 3:1. This formula includes 750mg of CBD and 250mg of CBN in a 30ml bottle. CBN or Cannabinol is another cannabinoid such as CBD. Each cannabinoid has its own unique properties which are more suited for the promotion of sleep (anti-insomnia). CBN is gaining more popularity in its sleep inducing properties which can be put into comparison to mild pharmaceutical sedatives. CBD on its own is also known for its sleep promoting effects so when CBN is added to a CBD product, it’s a great formula for someone looking for that ultimate nights sleep!

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