POP ROCKS – Popping Candy (Grape) 9.5g (No Tax)


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  • Retro Candy from the 1970’s

    Taste the Explosion in your mouth!

    A Sweet Blast from the Past!  The Original Pop Rocks Cherry Candy. The Flavour that start it all. Pop Rocks Original will be exploding with the fruity taste of Cherry. Candytainment in your mouth! A Classic American Retro Candy. Great fun at parties and family events.

    Pop Rocks Candy are a cultural phenomenon. They were invented in 1975 and quickly grew to be a Pop Culture Classic. Many Urban Legends were created with Pop Rocks Candy. The most famous being that Mikey,from the Life cereal commercials, had died after eating Pop Rocks and drinking Coca Cola, causing his stomach to explode! It wasn’t true! Mikey is living a very sweet life and he still likes it.



    Sugar, lactose (milk sugar), corn syrup, artificial flavor, artificial color (red 40), processed with carbon dioxide.

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