Dutch Gold By Private ACMPR ( 28G )


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Dutch Gold is the strain used to produced Gold Seal Hashish. The four most famous types of hash are; Gold Seal, Red Seal, Black and Blonde Lebanese. Gold Seal is considered the strongest of the four. Gold Seal came with a gold stamp of various designs on each nine ounce bar. Red Seal was wrapped in a dull red polythene. Hashish became less and less popular in the very early 1990’s as Marijuana Buds became the popular choice because of us (Dutch Seed Breeders). The marijuana that was used to produce the Gold Seal Hashish was only 11% THC compared to the other strains only producing 3-7% on Average for the other types of hashish. Anyways, we thought it would be a great idea to breed this classic Gold Seal Hashish strain and turn it into a 30% THC plant. And we have great news!! We managed to get this plant all the way to a stable 32.71% THC. Now just smoking the buds is like smoking the concentrated Gold Seal Hash. Hence the name Dutch Gold.

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