Strawberry Wedding Cake By Private ACMPR ( 28g )


Strawberry Wedding Cake is the totally delicious-sounding new strain from Holy Smoke Seeds. It is an indoca/sativa hybrid strain which was created by crossing the overwhelmingly fruity Strawberry Banana and the somewhat strangely named Wedding Cake, Strawberry Wedding Cake is a hybrid strain with a huge spectrum of flavors from tropical fruit and bubblegum sweetness to complex spicy notes courtesy of the Wedding Cake. This hybrid is fairly evenly balanced making it useful for daytime use and evening use in treating stress, depression and to help alleviate pain.

( Please Note GizmoCrafts Budget Ounce Deal is VERY LIMITED, some strain may be slightly dry then others but will not be over dry and all the quality is very decent at AAA )

Dryness 1-5  ( 5 is Very Dry )   Current Strawberry Wedding Cake is ( Fresh )

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