Citrique AAAA By Inspector Collective

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Amazing STRONG 60/40 Sativa Dom cross with OG Kush is a nearly perfect balanced sativa with a taste that can match its potency. The Critique high is definitely one for the ages, with classic effects that hit both mind and body with a high potency level thanks to its 22-25% average THC level.  It blends the natural aroma of Kush with pleasant tones of citrus plants, giving this strain its name. Citrique is a great all-day strain that can leave smokers feeling euphoric and empowered. It’s perfect for streamlining repetitive tasks and provides a creative boost that artists and musicians crave.

Its balanced cannabinoid profile also gives it tranquil and calming vibes typical of indicas. As a result, it’s also great for unwinding and relaxing at the end of a long day.

GizmoCrafts Team Review :

This strain is bursting with floral aroma and citrus flavor. A slightly Sativa dominant strain (60/40), Citrique leaves you uplifted and refreshed while still relaxed and satisfied. This flower is a sure fire favorite for smokers looking for abundant flavor. You can expect notes of sour lime and terpy lemon. Burning sparkling with oils, if you like STRONG SATIVA dont MISS out !!









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