Blue Fin Tuna AAAA By Sacred Garden

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Blue Fin Tuna

Blue Fin Tuna Kush is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain that is said to be a cross between Tuna Kush and Blueberry. Even with its beautifully relaxing indica high, Blue Fin Tuna Kush’s smell can be overpowering for some

(Packaged On July 10,2020)

Gizmocrafts Team Review

This strain came with good humidity, with full trich heads, and sticky. The nose and taste of this bluefin is just so pungently dank and gassy with that tuna kush goodness. There’s also some subtle notes of sweet berry that linger after the exhale. Just makes for some nose stinging smoke that’s surprisingly so smooth. Also burns a clean light ash in a joint. Very enjoyable and flavorful flower that stinks up the whole hous













  1. neal natt (verified owner)

    found it potent could of had a little more flavor but enjoyed it and its potency

  2. Tri (verified owner)

    classic Tuna taste
    heavy indica

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