Ghost OG x Violator AAAA By Sacred Garden


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Ghost OG x Violator  from Sacred Garden on Vancouver Island.

Violator Kush is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain that is a potent cross between the infamous Hindu Kush X Malana strains.

Ghost OG is a useful marijuana strain that is an Indica dominant strain containing a mixture of 70 percent Indica and 30 percent Sativa. It is produced by crossing Afghani Indica with OG Kush.


Gizmocrafts Review :

Visual:  Light green bud with orange hair and  very caked out buds

Nose:  Grape, creamy

Cut/Roll/Grind:  Grind up finely and smells suppper good

Taste/Aroma:  Herbal, Pine, Spicy, Woody

Burn: It burnt slow and steady and it had a nice light ash. white ash clean

Potency/Effects: Deeply relaxing with a mild mental focus along the way ! super chill and relaxing

Dank, Sticky, sweet !





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  1. LMB Stone (verified owner)

    Perfect buds. It smells so sweet and fruity, it has beautiful light green and orange colors, the nugs are medium sized and rock solid, very resinous but easy to grind up with a good grinder, clean white ash and the buzz is very welcoming and relaxing. I am very satisfied

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