Grape Milkshake AAAA By Gastown Fire

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Grape Milkshake ( Purple Punch x Cookies n Cream ) by Gastown Fire is a very Tasty Hybrid that as sooon as you open the bag, the juicy grape terpenes that came wafting out.  Also they were strong skunk and woody notes in there as well.

This strain’s effects were just as surprising as its aroma. A strong relaxing wave hits you quick and strong, but once it fades, what followed was much more pleasant. A relaxing focus took over and let me get to work for the rest of the afternoon.

  • THC: 27.2%
  • THCA: 30.7%

Visual:  Light green bud with very caked out with hint of purple color on the bud

Nose:  Grape, creamy

Cut/Roll/Grind:  Grind up finely with super grape-ish aroma in your face

Taste/Aroma:  Grape juice, wood, and skunk

Burn: It burnt slow and steady and it had a nice light ash. white ash clean

Potency/Effects: Deeply relaxing with a mild mental focus along the way ! super chill and relaxing


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7G, 14G, 28G


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