Kings Candy By Bubba King AAAA

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Kings Candy By Bubba King

The origins of this strain is a bit of a mystery, although some have said it is related to Kandy Kush strain that was created by DNA Genetics. The King’s Candy strain has an aroma that is straight up gas, with a hint of earthiness to it. This potent indica-dominant hybrid strain is a great sedative which will make it a great choice for unwinding after a long day and also alleviating that annoying chronic pain.

The high does take some time to get going and is definitely a creeper. But once that high kicks in, it kicks well and has the ability to be long lasting. Users will feel a very uplifted high to start that will completely boost your moods and eliminate all your stress.

GizmoCrafts Team Review :

Very unique fruity gas smell, kings candy with that enticing sweet smell followed by gas.

super clean burning and smooth smoke !  dont sleep on this one

About Bubba King

Bubba Kings is dedicated to furthering and supporting the concept of craft cannabis growing in all aspects of its operation, from seed, clone to flowering in Canada. Experts of t the artistry and workmanship that goes into Cannabis growing, and all the products that could be produced from the cannabis plant.


  1. neal natt (verified owner)

    nice clean smooth smoke hint of gas and creeper

  2. Max420 (verified owner)

    Received it today ,small bud but aware!The chronic effect knocked me out after .6 in a joint !Feel it in back of my eyes! Similar to bubba kush on inhale but finished with gas ⛽️

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