Oreo Cookies AAAA By Space Bros Craft Bag (14G)


One of the most hype brands in Canadian craft cannabis is Space Bros. With cutting edge medical facilities, Space Bros breeds and pheno-hunts thousands of strains a year, selecting only the top handful to provide the highest quality products. These AAAA nugs are organically grown with strong terps and a clean burn. Not only do they have outstanding weed, but they also have one of the most sought after brands in the market with a lot of hype surrounding their new launch.

Space Bros Craft Cannabis Growers

Space Bros will be launching its in-house branded strains this summer. However, I was lucky enough to try out some of their pre-launch cultivars. El Chapo, Dallas Bentley OG, Oreo Cookies, Black Fin Tuna, Lemon OG Pink Grizzly all have authentic gassy terps for all you fuel lovers out there. Although a little small in bud size since they’re fully organically grown, these nugs are coated in trichomes and have strong flavours. Not to mention they pull smooth and burn clean.

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  1. G25 (verified owner)

    My favourite of the Space Bros drop (missed out on the el chapo)

    Opening the bag gives of a super potent fresh cut grass aroma.
    Taste is similar with hints of vanilla/skunk followed by some diesel smacking you straight in the nose.

    Best cookies n cream I’ve had in long time.

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