Peyote Cookie AAAA By Inspector Collective

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Peyote Cookies by Barney’s Farm was created by crossing Peyote Purple and Barney’s famous Cookies Kush. It was developed through a detailed selection and back-crossing process that helped isolate the very best qualities of both parent strains, resulting in a vigorous hybrid flower that is easy to grow and pleasurable to consume. The flowering plant displays a dazzling ruby red and purple complexion coupled with delicious flavors of guava, vanilla, coffee, and earth. This strain is also mold and mildew-resistant and grows superbly indoors or outdoors.














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  1. Shane Ducharme (verified owner)

    Super purple buds thats are insanely frosty this one really has some pop in the trichome shots. It looks absolutely beautiful !! The smell is funky cookies and musk with a couple other smells but id have to spend abit more time . The high is nice and strong and the burn is clean af! The inspector collective really have been stepping their game up

  2. LMB Stone (verified owner)

    It is a real good strain! Smokes perfectly, strong indica effects, tastes and smells very well and the resin production is great too. Very good pick

  3. Theviny1234 (verified owner)

    First of all thank you to the whole gizmo team for this beautiful flower quality! The peyote cookie was my second order. I am 100% satisfied!

    When opening the jar there is a very strong smell of yoghurt, really pleasant. A very good scent. Beautiful, hard and compact nugs. They are medium to large in size.

    The beauty of the flower is amazing! Here we have a beautiful forest green with a little bluish tin. The trichomes are perfectly visible and sparkling.

    The buzz is good. Not powerful enough to couch-lock you but leaves you in a daze. I noticed an increase in my concentration.

    Anyway, thank you gizmo here is another great product !!

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