Psilocybin Cubes by Osmosis (1g)


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Psilocybin Cubes By Osmosis Information

These Cubes by Osmosis are made with pure psilocybin distillate and they are the perfect size for macro dosing. One Package contains 1 supplement Gummy

Psilocybin distillate in comparison delivers different effects in comparison with the magic mushroom on its own. The effects last for a shorter period of time, but it is faster acting and has more of a cerebral high.

Osmosis Cubes, due to its psilocybin distillate content, can have impressive therapeutic benefits. It can potentially treat the symptoms of a myriad of conditions, including mood disorders, anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and more.

The flavours vary per bottle and include grapes, raspberry, apple and orange. The ingredients of these cubes include the following: gelatin, sugar, distilled water, citric acid, natural and artificial colouring and flavouring.

The Benefits of Macro Dosing Osmosis Cubes

Macro dosing is not at all a new practice in the cannabis world, but it is a relatively new term referring to an act that cannabis enthusiasts have been living out for years. Macro dosing is simply consuming higher amounts of marijuana.

One of the great upsides of macro dosing Osmosis Cubes is that it is fast-acting and offers you an amazing cerebral high with some great effects. Macro dosing on these gummies can offer more of an intense, and possibly even somewhat hallucinatory experience. Suddenly your experiences can become more meaningful as sounds and colours may take on more of a lively trait.

The Potential Health Benefits of The Gummy Cubes

The effects of Osmosis Cubes can kick in anytime between 10 to 20 minutes after consumption and it can last through a couple of hours. These gummy cubes are oftentimes used in the treatment of mental health, mainly depression and anxiety due to its uplifting, euphoric and happy cerebral high.

The effect of the mental high can offer you some mental plasticity, helping you to step outside the framework of your problems and slip into a state of more freedom, ease, comfort and positivity, where you can breathe more relieved. You can finally have your break from feeling as if the burdens of the whole world are weighing heavy on your shoulders.

With macro dosing Osmosis Cubes, you can even experience some meaningful psychological insights that can increase your psychological flexibility as an after-effect. This can lead to noticeable drops in your symptoms caused by anxiety and depression.

One of the greatest overall benefits of using these cubes is that they can offer you the possibility to enjoy your day to day life, whether it is getting through a rough day at work, or having to cross off a long list of to-do’s at home, after which you still wish to have the mental boost to be able to enjoy playtime with your kids or an adventurous time with your friends.

Buy Osmosis Cubes online in Canada to make the most of your days with these delicious gummies. If you are ne

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